Reusable Face Scrubby & Washcloth Set

100% cotton handmade washcloth and face scrubby set. Each set includes: one wash cloth and two face scrubbies, all resuable and washable.  

These soft cotton items are a lovely way to pamper yourself by giving a gentle exfoliation to your face and body after a long day. No more one use cotton rounds to take off your makeup. Simply throw these in with your wash and reuse them again and again.

Reusable Face Scrubby & Washcloth Set

  • Machine wash or hand wash. Briefly spin dry in dryer on low setting. Reshape and lay flat. Once dry your washcloth and face scrubby is ready to be reused.



    Washcloth: Approximately 6"X6"

    Scrubby: 4"X4"

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