Oily/Greasy Basil Thyme Solid Shampoo Bar

Invest in your hair while helping the environment by reducing the Carbon Footprint. 


Our Shampoo Bar made for Oily and Gresay hair will help restore your scalp to a natural PH to make your hair shiny not Greasy or Oily. This new refreshing look leave your scalp feeling healthier and your hair less weighed down.  All of our Shampoo Bars are made with High Quality Organic Essential Oils, Goats Milk and All Natural Ingredients.


Using a bar shampoo may be a new idea to you, but it's really very simple. Just wet your hair and rub the bar around in it to get a gentle lather. Using the fingertips, massage the lather into the scalp and rinse out completely. Follow with your favorite rinse.  (We have a whole line of conditioner bars coming soon.)  


You can take it with you in your hand luggage on an airplane and because it’s an all-natural bar it can also be used on your whole body and is easier to take on your next trip.




Our Shampoo Bars are handmade, therefore each bar may vary in color and is approximately 4 ounces in weight.


We have a whole line of stimulating herbal shampoo bars for healthy hair and scalp.

Oily/Greasy Basil Thyme Solid Shampoo Bar

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